Showcasing a brief demonstration of my past mobile projects. This offers a glimpse into the innovative and impactful work I've contributed to the mobile realm.

Fraud control 0>1 @Shopify

The entire project can be viewed here.
Password: Akzidenz

Why mobile was not shown?
An overwhelming 92% of Shopify merchants currently rely on desktop usage for managing their stores and day-to-day operations. Regarding reviewing fraudulent orders and buyer details, merchants unanimously favor the desktop version for its optimal viewing experience. It underscores the importance of the desktop interface in providing a comprehensive and preferred perspective on crucial business information.

While mobile optimization for fraud control has not been the current priority, it is slated to be addressed later in the year. Our current strategic focus is on delivering impactful solutions to address broader challenges, with a commitment to enhancing mobile capabilities in the subsequent phase to combat fraud effectively.

Desktop version for context

Mobile of the same flow

Implementing advanced rules on mobile presents challenges due to the limited screen space, making it less than ideal for viewing all criteria seamlessly.

To provide merchants with an optimal experience, we proactively notify them, encouraging a smoother experience by transitioning to the desktop version, where the intricate details and criteria can be comprehensively managed.

AccuWeather app @Huge

While at Huge, I collaborated with AccuWeather on a transformative app redesign. This video is a walkthrough of the entire process.

Why mobile was not shown?
Since my last involvement in February 2020, just before the pandemic's onset, several project updates and modifications have been made.

Timestamp of video
0:00 Intro and my role / Problem
2:20 Research
3:42 Research themes
5:06 Prioritization workshop with AccuWeather
6:47 App audit
7:57 Designs / User testing feedback

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