Fraud Control, a native Shopify app, empowered merchants to monitor the health of fraud within their store. This product marked a groundbreaking launch from inception to full implementation (0 to 1).


I was the sole UX designer/lead for the team. I developed a vision of Fraud Control and designed the MVP experience.
- Partnered with stakeholders and merchants
- Designed and launched a 0 to 1 product

Team and Duration

I worked closely with product managers and engineers to implement a new product for Shopify. It took 8 months to launch phase 1 of the product. 


Before the introduction of Fraud Control, Shopify lacked a dedicated fraud tool for merchants—quite surprisingly. Merchants faced the challenge of being unable to access fraud data or prevent potentially fraudulent checkouts in advance. Recognizing this gap presented a significant opportunity and fulfilled a crucial need within the platform.

A fraud suite built by Shopify that will allow merchants to see the fraud health in their store. Merchants can view risk analytics, create in-checkout rules, and install flow templates.

This transformative approach enables merchants to engage in "fraud prevention" and comprehend the nuanced dynamics of fraud impacting their store, facilitating the formulation of a strategic response. Fraud Control enhances understanding and offers finer controls, alleviating operational burdens and proactively empowering merchants to mitigate fraud risks.


In-checkout rules and backtesting rule performance

In response to the need expressed by enterprise merchants to thwart fraudsters during the checkout process, we've innovated with the introduction of advanced in-checkout rules. This feature empowers merchants with finer control, enabling them to tailor their approach to fraud management. Doing so alleviates operational burdens, reduces costs, streamlines verification processes, and enhances the overall buyer experience for improved satisfaction and trust.

During the rule creation process, our goal is to visually demonstrate the potential impact of the rule on the merchant's store before they activate it. This feature, termed "backtesting rule performance," serves as a proactive measure to safeguard merchants from inadvertently harming their business. By providing a preview of the rule's effects, we aim to empower merchants with the insights needed to make informed decisions that positively contribute to their business success.


To alleviate the burden on merchants when creating and managing inputs in the rule, we introduced a new feature called “lists.” These lists will allow merchants to import bulk files, which they can then incorporate into their rules to block checkout/enable 3DS/Captcha. This feature was heavily requested from our merchants.


The data story
(As of January 2024)


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The green path/Vision

Since Fraud Control was a product developed from scratch (0 to 1), envisioning its future involves considering a green path or a visionary perspective.

In the future, Fraud Control will evolve into an even more sophisticated and proactive safeguard against fraudulent activities. The interface will seamlessly integrate advanced machine learning algorithms, enabling real-time detection of emerging fraud patterns. The system will become highly intuitive, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of fraudulent tactics.

Automation will play a pivotal role, reducing the response time to potential threats and allowing merchants to stay ahead of malicious actors. The user experience will be further refined, providing merchants with a comprehensive yet streamlined dashboard for monitoring, analysis, and decision-making.

The future of Fraud Control will be about preventing fraud and empowering merchants with predictive analytics. It will leverage historical data and industry trends to anticipate potential risks, enabling merchants to implement measures to protect their businesses proactively.

Overall, Fraud Control will transition from a reactive tool to a proactive and intelligent guardian of merchant interests, providing a robust and secure environment for e-commerce transactions.

MVP (Launched Summer 2023)

Scaling back from the visionary perspective, the MVP of Fraud Control has been successfully launched with fundamental analytics and rule functionalities. This initial version prioritizes essential features to address the immediate needs of merchants in combating fraud. Here's an overview:

Bare-Bones Analytics:
The MVP provides basic analytics capabilities, offering merchants insights into key fraud indicators and trends.

Feedback Loop:
A feedback mechanism is incorporated to gather insights from early users, enabling continuous improvement based on real-world usage and merchant input.

Rule Functionality:
The rule system in the MVP allows merchants to define basic parameters for identifying potentially fraudulent activities.

The design of the MVP for Fraud Control underwent numerous iterations, each carefully refined and evaluated through a collaborative process involving stakeholders. This is a snapshot of the design file.

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